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Apocalyptic Blueberry: CODE BLUE Finished!
spots open for: thrandrall, zzumwalt, robotnik, moobdood, matgao, skylord, royalcorn, xavierwhite
1. tale #3 Motherly Magic= ink 2/6 color 2/6
2. tale #1 Freaky Cryday= ink 8/8 color 4/8
3. tale #2 Stranger Park Ranger= 0/5 0/5
4. tales from the crib keeper...
next comic: Tales from the Crib Keeper

>commissions are open when there are is an empty in the queue above.<

->BLOG<- look behind the curtains and into my workroom->


COMMISSION INFO in my… (process and cost)

I limit commissions to 4 at a time to avoid confusion, excessive wait times after payment, and to make sure I don't lose any orders.
To all my commissioners: THANK YOU! for all the commissions. It's my main income right now, and I aim to please you and I hope to grow as an artist to extreme proportions. I've been on DA for 3 years doing commissions, and I plan on continuing the tradition. I have gravitated towards doing more comics because I like to write, and comics entertain me more than single images. Sanderson Step Sisters Volume 1 by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters Volume 2 by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters Comic Iss 1 by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters Issue 2 by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters cover for Issue 3 by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters #4 Cover by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters #5 Cover by okayokayokok Haunted House Cover by okayokayokok Blooberry Comic pg 9 by okayokayokok Christmas Story Cover by okayokayokok Size of the Blueberry cover by okayokayokok Size of the Blueberry #2 cover by okayokayokok Size of the Blueberry #3 cover by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters Issue #6 by okayokayokok Cover for Sanderson Step Sisters #7 by okayokayokok Magical Card Game Ecstacy comic cover by okayokayokok Ick or Eat PART 1 comic preview by okayokayokok Ick or Eat Part 2 Cover by okayokayokok Sanderson Step Sisters #8: Book of Storms by okayokayokok SSS #9 pre-order by okayokayokok Apocalyptic Blueberry comic cover by okayokayokok Apocalyptic Blueberry Part TWO comic cover by okayokayokok
I felt like writing a quick entry. I haven't gotten to converse much with anyone for the last week or so and it's killin me! I'll get around to replies this weekend.

First off, Sin City 2- I have been waiting all year for this movie. I saw it in 3-d and OHHHH MY GOSH WHAT A FREAKIN AWESOME movie experience. Funny story- The showing I was going to see was in a special "RPX" theater which boasts to be the best movie experience ever or your money back, but when I get to the window *(30 min early) to buy 2 tickets, he says it's $31. (WHAT!!???) But the other showing, the 3-d was only $20 and it was starting in 1 minute. 1 minute later I'm sitting in the stadium full of 4 other people completely amazed by what's happening in front of me for 2 hours. My gf hadn't seen the first one and wasn't thrilled about my choice of movie, but afterwards she said it was the best movie experience she'd ever had *so we got the best experience ever for $10 cheaper :P The visuals and effects in this movie were amazing. Without the 3-d, I think I liked the first sin city movie, but the 3-d made the second one better by my standards.

If you like the Sin City graphic novel, you will definitely appreciate the new movie. I just wish Michael Duncan was still around to reprise his role as Manute. :( I couldn't take the Allstate dude seriously.

I've been working on commissions since finishing Code Blue. I'm still pushing through some bad health and it had me pretty down last week. I should have some new comic commissions up in the gallery next week. Then, I'll be working on the next 'for sale' comic- Tales from the Crib Keeper. I've got two pages done so far and can already tell it's going to be a really fun series.
And, I've got a big announcement...
I'm going to be a dad next year! (Yeah, it was a surprise for me too)
  • Watching: Sin City: A Dame to Kill for (3-D)
  • Eating: Saltines

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I hope you can pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is Apocalyptic Blueberry: CODE BLUE?
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Do you think you'll have a chance to do live streaming in the near future?
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Awesome art!
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Heya Ok. How are you doing? Feeling better?
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Hello gobber, I'm Leslie ^_^
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